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Brand awareness is one of the most crucial steps of marketing your business. Creating a custom logo for your packaging creates many benefits. By creating a professional image for your company, you will increase customer awareness of your product, help facilitate expansion and business growth, as well as increase your market share in the industry. These positive benefits will show up on your bottom line as increased revenues. When you create a custom design for your totes and carriers, you are creating an expression of art designed to appeal to your targeted clientele. This type of marketing creates a unique visual experience specifically associated with your company and products. One that will resonate with your clients and keeping them loyal patrons for years to come. At Custom Wine packaging we will work with you to create the right logo and artwork for your packaging needs.

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We're Distributors of Western Pulp Products
Western Pulp has been manufacturing molded pulp products in the U.S. since 1958 and are the makers of our vintner’s choice wine shippers. Western Pulp is committed to being environmentally friendly. Their products are made from recycled paper and are completely biodegradable. These quality shipping cartons are designed to meet Go Green standards, as well as the strict standards of major logistic companies such as FedEx and UPS. Our laydown shippers have a constant carton depth that provides needed shock absorption and protection against breakage during transit. So that you can rest assured your customers orders will arrive looking as professional as you sent them.

Benefits of Working with Us

  1. Custom Sizes We sell custom single, double, triple, quad, and 6-count wine totes and shipping cartons.
  2. Custom Art Services Our Design Department is ready to assist you with your custom artwork and create the design of your dreams.
  3. Eco Friendly We offer “go green” packaging with “eco-friendly” fiber nesting trays.
  4. Specialty Pricing Obtain products at lower costs by participating in our Cooperative Plan.
  • quote We have been using Custom Wine Packaging since 2014. We were one of Garry’s first customers and he has never failed on service. His team’s creativity and innovative packaging has moved our wine club to the next level. Julie Fredrick Whitehead Managing Partner Blue Ostrich Winery & Vineyard
  • quote Working with Custom Wine Packaging had been amazing from day one. Gary is helpful, knowledgeable, accommodating, and up front with everything he does. The prices and product are fantastic and ordering what I need is a breeze. Angela Chapman Wine Club Manager Lost Oak Winery
  • quote Garry, I really appreciate you going out of your way to work with us on this. Do you have any idea how much it means to us to work with someone who looks at this as a long term partnership! Cara Texas Hill Country Olive Company
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