Our Story

We are a husband and wife team that has been in the corrugated box and custom packaging industry for over 30 years. We shifted our focus towards serving wineries and vineyards in 2014 when we started visiting some of the best wineries in the United States. Not only did we thoroughly enjoy the wine that we were tasting, but we started to notice a serious need for custom packaging solutions that patrons could take home their favorite wines in. We knew that this would give the vineyards and wineries a chance to keep their brand at top-of-mind with their visitors and leave a lasting impression on their customers.

We started off by working with vineyards located in our home state of Texas and eventually began reaching wineries and vineyards all across the nation. We didn’t stop there. We were able to begin developing products for not just wineries and vineyards, but also breweries, distilleries, food manufacturers and even garage floor coating manufacturers. After we developed a replica car engine from corrugated boxes, we knew that we could design pretty much anything made from cardboard boxes.

Innovative Wine Packaging

Our innovative wine packaging program enables our wine industry customers to source all of their packaging needs with one established vendor. Whether it is for tasting rooms, logistic companies or wine clubs, we at Custom Wine Packaging are your primary source for quality and affordable wine packaging products customized with your logo and more.

Custom & Affordable

We assist our customers by providing quality custom packaging at affordable prices. Our innovative single, double, triple, quad and 6-count wine totes can all be customized with your logo and tagline to represent your brand. Most importantly, we are a small business that is looking out for other small business. We love getting to know our customers and we will do our best to find an affordable option that is great for everybody involved!