Our Packaging Products

Wine Totes and Carriers

We create custom wine bottle carriers that are sleek and create brand impact. Perfect for wineries, wine clubs and wine distributors that want to keep their brand at top-of-mind for their customers. Wine totes and carriers don't just look good and functional, it can also be a reminder for your customers where they got that exquisite wine from. That way, these carrier products can bring back customers to your winery. Having them can also ensure that your customers will have their wine bottles more secured compared to just putting them in a paper bag or carrying them by hand. Wine in a tote carton is also good for a house-warming party or any occasion.

Shipping Cartons and Trays

We have competitive prices on shipping cartons and trays for packaging combinations of 1-12 bottles. Customize the box they are delivered in with your brand, message, or anything you can imagine. Having a custom wine packaging is important especially if you are to ship your product to your distributors and even for your customers. Our packaging materials can ensure your wine bottles are safe from breakage. Some delivery service may not have strict compliance when it comes to the packages you let them deliver. Securing your products will be the best way to avoid complaints and need to send a replacement. It will also look better to have them shipped in a custom wine packaging. Create a box that has an instant impression!

Custom Gift Packaging

We can customize any box to present your gift box in a spectacular way. We have a team of designers that can bring your vision to life. Having special gift packaging is also great for promoting your product. Since most people buy wine and other products for special occasions, it's best to also have the wines to be available as a gift idea. The custom wine packaging can be available with a bottle of wine and a pair of wine glasses for special occasions. Another idea is having a bottle of wine with other items which include candles, bath bombs, etc that can be a great gift for wine lovers who want to pamper themselves while having a glass of wine. At Custom Wine Packaging we can create what you imagine!

Specialty Packaging

We can create anything with corrugated boxes! We will work with you to tackle any specialty packaging requests you have in mind. You’ll be amazed at what we can do for your business’s packaging solutions. It's not just wine bottles that need great packaging. Any product that come in needs to have great packaging so that it will become more presentable. If you're manufacturing sauces, olive oils, and other liquids that need to be in a bottle, no worries. You can still take advantage of the specialty packaging so that you can have your items look great on the shelf. It can also turn into a gift set so that your customers will likely purchase your product to give to their loved ones. It's also great for advertising them since the box can go a long way and other people will see them.

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