3-6-12 XL Bottle Wine Shipping Cartons

Perfect for Shipping Large Wine Bottles in Large Quantities

The 3-6-12 XL Bottle Wine Shipping Carton from Custom Wine Packaging is the premier product for shipping large quantities of wine bottles in a cost-effective package. Thanks to an ingenious packaging design, three wine bottles can be stored on one carton, which greatly maximizes the amount of space available. Need to ship in larger quantities? Up to three cartons can be stacked on top of each other to create room for up to 12 wine bottles, making this package our most spacious yet. This shipping carton can be configured to hold 3, 6, or 12 large wine bottles.

Made From Durable and Eco-Friendly Pulp

Along with our custom corrugated cardboard boxes, our wine bottle cartons are also made to the highest standards. Custom Wine Packaging uses pulp cartons from Western Pulp Products to protect your wine bottles from departure to arrival. The 3-6-12 XL Bottle Wine Shipping Carton is molded to perfectly hold a variety of different wine bottles, large or small, while protecting them from the bustle caused by the shipping and handling process. Made from recycled paper, our shipping cartons are environmentally friendly too; all cartons are 100% biodegradable and meet Go Green standards for recyclability.

Top Choice of Vintners Everywhere

We are proud to have our 3-6-12 XL Bottle Wine Shipping Carton be named a Vintner’s Choice Wine Pack! Hundreds of wineries across the country have trusted Custom Wine Packaging with their wine bottle shipping needs, and we’re confident that our products can make your shipping experience better. With our cartons, you can have assurance that your wine will safely reach its destination while making a lasting impact on your customers with our customized boxes. Our family has been creating custom wine packaging for over 9 years; let us help your business today!


Wine carton and holiday boxesWine carton and holiday boxesWine carton and holiday boxesWine carton and holiday boxes