3-Count Custom Cardboard Wine Totes

Created for Easy Storage

Looking for a convenient storage solution for your wine bottles? The 3-count custom cardboard wine totes are shipped and stored flat, making them easy to assemble and store. They're an excellent solution for packaging wine bottles, as they can hold up to three bottles while occupying minimal space. Additionally, the tote's design ensures that your bottles remain organized. In addition, the tote also includes a handle, making it easy to carry your wine bottles and guarantee their protection.

Dividers Create Protection for Wine Bottles

Our custom cardboard wine totes are perfect for storing and transporting your wine. With dividers inside, they keep the bottles separated and prevent clanking. There’s nothing worse than good wine being wasted due to an accident, so Custom Wine Packaging has created these totes to be the perfect solution. These totes are both stylish and practical, providing a safe and fashionable way to transport your delicate wine bottles.

  • 3-count tote
  • tote and box combo
  • back of 3-count tote

Customize Your Own Design

You have the option to personalize the outside of the tote in any way you desire! This includes adding your contact information, company logo, and any other details. Our skilled art department can collaborate with you to create completely customized totes, which enhance the overall appearance of the product. Moreover, while carrying the tote around, you can effortlessly promote your brand!


Wine carton and holiday boxesWine carton and holiday boxesWine carton and holiday boxesWine carton and holiday boxes