6-Count Custom Cardboard Wine Totes

Heavy Duty Solutions for Bulk Packaging

Looking to ship multiple bottles of wine in one package? Look no further because Custom Wine Packaging has you covered! Our Custom Cardboard Wine Tote holds up to 6 bottles of wine. Each wine tote has cardboard dividers to separate and protect each bottle. The tote includes a window wine box design created to allow your customers a peek at the product inside. Our premium totes are made from high-quality, heavy-duty cardboard and have a durable handle that can withstand the weight of up to 6 bottles without breaking or falling apart!


Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Packaging

We care about our impact on the environment, and we make sure to show this through our packaging process. Custom Wine Packaging uses shippers made from recyclable material from the Western Pulp Products Company, which offers a sustainable eco-friendly advantage. The material is made from repurposed fibers that make it recyclable. Recycling and using recycled material is a great way to reduce one’s carbon footprint. Industries rely heavily on packaging, so they use vast quantities of boxes to ship and protect products. The widespread use of packaging contributes to environmental issues and increased waste. Recognizing the importance of sustainability and biodegradable options is important when taking a step towards embracing eco-friendly options and reducing a company's ecological footprint. In addition, environmentally conscious practices also strongly align with consumer preferences.

Brand Identity and Representation

Custom Wine Packaging has a large variety of customizable options for adding your logo and art design to your packaging. The box design serves as a representation of your brand identity, values, and commitment to excellence. The attention to detail in packaging distinguishes your brand from competitors and creates a lasting impression on customers. Ready to make your brand stand out? Contact us today to get started on your design!


Wine carton and holiday boxesWine carton and holiday boxesWine carton and holiday boxesWine carton and holiday boxes