Display Your Brand Through Window Wine Boxes

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One of the best ways to show off your wine brand is with the right type of packaging! Although you might have high-quality and delicious wines to offer, customers won’t know this until they finally taste it. To get them to buy and taste your wine, you need the ideal packaging from Custom Wine Packaging.

Window wine boxes are a great place to start as they allow you to show off your wine brand and allure your customers into trying your delicious wine. With Custom Wine Packaging, you can also customize your wine boxes to match your brand, special occasions, and more, giving your customers a fantastic shopping experience.

What are Window Wine Boxes?

If you’re new to wine packaging, you’re probably wondering what the window wine box design is. This design is uniquely created to make the wine box enhance the outer look while giving the customer a peek at the product inside.

These window wine boxes come with an insertion in the form of windowpanes on top or in the front, depending on if you’re using two-piece/tuck top or standing wine boxes, respectively.

As the name implies, a small window opening allows customers to view the product, so the packaging doesn’t cover the wine bottle entirely. It shows the customer an idea of what they are about to purchase and makes it easier for you or your retailer to display your products.

When you purchase window wine boxes from Custom Wine Packaging, you can customize the size of the window(s). There is also an extensive range of windowpane designs that you can choose between to make your brand stand out.

Why Window Wine Boxes?

A window wine box for your brand comes with a wide range of benefits. Not only is it an attractive way to display your products, but it also helps you assert your brand identity.

  • Unique Sneak-Peek Design:

For one, the design of a window wine box is an impressive way to show your customers the wine without leaving the bottle bare on the shelf. Entice consumers with your label through the window, all while the wine bottle is safely in its box.

  • Highly Customizable:

With Custom Wine Packaging, your window wine box is entirely customizable. This means that you not only have freedom over the design and colors, but you can establish your brand identity. You can put your brand name, logo, slogan, and mission on your wine boxes. You can also celebrate different holidays with customers by putting Christmas wishes or any other ongoing celebration.

  • Ideal for Many Wine Bottle Types:

With Custom Wine Packaging, you can get a window wine box designed for any bottle type. Even different types of wine packaging like tuck tops or standing wine boxes can have windows attached to them.

Get Your Window Wine Box Today!

You can make your brand stand out and attract customers with window wine boxes – two birds with one great package! Purchase your custom window wine boxes today from Custom Wine Packaging!