Cardboard vs. Styrofoam Wine Packaging: Which One Should You Choose?

For many wine enthusiasts, enjoying a bottle of wine is not limited to the flavor of the wine itself. Preserving the integrity of the bottle is also important, as properly caring for your wine bottles can maintain the wine’s original taste and keep the bottle presentation-ready. Transporting your wine bottles without proper care can lead to the bottle being damaged, … Read More

Make A Good Impression On Your Clients with A Custom Wine Box

Wine bottles and boxes in a warehouse

As a business owner, you know that standing out against your competitors is crucial to success. While the quality of business keeps customers coming back, it’s the personal touch that draws in possible new business. By creating personalized packaging for your products, you can make a lasting impression on your buyers and potential clients. Not only does this show that … Read More

How To Keep Wine Safe During Shipping

Custom Wine Packaging

When shipping wine, delivering your wine bottle in perfect condition is your top priority. This can be a bit difficult as there are many factors to consider when working with a bottle of wine. For example, you need to think about the delicacy of the glass, the temperature at which it’s shipped, and the material of the cork. To ensure … Read More

The Best Ways to Keep Wine Cold During Transport

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In the summer heat or in the cold winter, the last thing anyone wants is to have their wine not taste right. Transporting wine can be a delicate matter that needs the proper knowledge, materials, and products. That is where our team, at Custom Wine Packaging, comes in. We offer a wide range of products that are designed to help … Read More

Box Folding Techniques and Machines Used

How can you boost sales without investing in the presentation of your fine wines? You have a unique product—use its unique packaging to grab your customer’s attention. It will be a differentiator for your brand and why customers pick your bottles over others. So, to nail the engagement, you must upgrade your design process, benefit from the new-age technological innovations, … Read More

Rules and Regulations for Wine Shipping

The rules and regulations about shipping wine vary significantly from one state to another. Numerous laws dictate how wine moves across the country. Despite its impressive popularity, shipping rules can feel restricting, extensive, and notoriously confusing. Is It Legal to Ship Wine? Technically, it is legal to ship wine within the United States. Courier companies have different protocols for sending … Read More

Recyclability of Cardboard Packaging

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Cardboard is a popular and heavy-duty packaging material known for its durability. These boxes are prefabricated for packing items such as glass wine bottles. Cardboard boxes secure the contents adequately and can be reused or recycled by the recipient. Such cartons prove helpful, especially when bottles require storage or transportation. Cardboard is also recyclable, leading to a minimal impact on … Read More

A Quick Guide to Wine Bottle Shapes, Sizes, and Packaging

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You don’t get second chances to make that first big impression. It isn’t just for people—it’s also true for your wine packaging. So, if you’re looking to craft unforgettable experiences at your winery, start with understanding the world of choices you have with the different bottle shapes and sizes. Wine Bottle Shapes Wine bottles come in various shapes, mostly made … Read More

How to Protect Glass with Cardboard Packaging

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Many delicious drinks come packaged in glass containers. Wines, sodas, dairy products, and other beverages are just a few liquids housed inside glass bottles. Handling glass requires caution, and this is especially true if you are transporting glass containers. Protecting glass bottled beverages is Custom Wine Packaging’s specialty! Before we get into why we should be your go-to option, let … Read More

Display Your Brand Through Window Wine Boxes

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One of the best ways to show off your wine brand is with the right type of packaging! Although you might have high-quality and delicious wines to offer, customers won’t know this until they finally taste it. To get them to buy and taste your wine, you need the ideal packaging from Custom Wine Packaging. Window wine boxes are a … Read More