The Best Ways to Keep Wine Cold During Transport

Image of 2 Bottle Cold Pack Wine Shipping Carton on a table.

In the summer heat or in the cold winter, the last thing anyone wants is to have their wine not taste right. Transporting wine can be a delicate matter that needs the proper knowledge, materials, and products. That is where our team, at Custom Wine Packaging, comes in. We offer a wide range of products that are designed to help your wine be delivered cool and ready to open, no matter where the destination may be.

Why Temperature Matters For Shipping Wine

When handling wine, it is important to remember information regarding the different bottles. The different temperatures of the environment can significantly affect the taste of the wine and the bottles themselves, so it is crucial to store wine between approximately 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature of your wine goes above 80 degrees, it will cause the tannins in the wine to become more noticeable, which is even more susceptible in older wines. This will result in a rough, sour taste rather than the smooth, fruity taste you are used to. High temperatures can also affect wine because it will cause the natural corks to shrink in a manner that will result in the wine leaking out and spoiling. 

While transporting your wine, it is important to keep it at moderate temperatures to keep the original taste intact. Knowing the facts about proper temperatures, the age of your wine, and other information will allow you to maintain the appropriate temperature and quality of the wine.

Using The Right Materials

Temperature can be tough to control in extreme heat or freezing conditions. It is important to use appropriate packaging materials that can act as an insulator and keep the wine fresh.  When trying to maintain a specific temperature, you should seek to understand the different materials used for packaging along with the type of product you want to transport.  

Cardboard is an excellent insulator of temperature and a popular choice for packaging due to its eco-friendliness. Typical cardboard boxes have a low thermal conductivity which prevents the inside temperatures from being affected by the outside temperatures. This is why we use cardboard for the majority of our products, including our popular 2-count and 4-count Cold Pack Shippers.

Having The Right Packing Products

When it comes to transporting wine, it takes a lot of consideration to choose the right packaging to ensure your bottle arrives safely and at the appropriate temperatures. If you are looking for a reliable and effective shipping product, consider our cold-pack shipping boxes. 

Our 2-count and 4-count Cold Pack Shippers are carefully designed to insulate wine at the ideal temperature, regardless of their delivery location. We have customized boxes that securely fit any bottle and keep them cool. Our packages are made of high-quality materials like corrugated cardboard and pulp materials, ensuring that your wine is delivered in the highest quality.

Why Us?

Our team at Custom Wine Packaging is dedicated to providing you with the best quality, products, and services. We take pride in our environmentally friendly cardboard packaging and insulated cooling gel, which provide an ideal environment for transporting wine to your clients. Contact us to learn more about our Cold Pack Shippers and other products.