Introducing the 2-Count Cold Pack Shippers

two count cold pack closed box

We are now offering a 2-count cold pack shipper that will keep your wine cool during shipment, but at the same time protect the bottle from breaking! We are excited to present this product because it will ensure that your bottle of wine is shipped to you safely and in a temperature controlled environment. These two characteristics are very important to keeping your customer satisfied.

two count cold pack closed boxTexas heat does not mix well with wine

The 2-count cold pack shipper will do very well in the Texas heat. This packaging solution will reduce the chance of altering your wine and ruining the taste of your fabulous wine. We all know, in Texas, it can get over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not ideal for wine. If wine reaches over the temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit, there is a chance of the cork popping out of the bottle! Also, if the temperature of the wine reaches over 60 degrees Fahrenheit, it can cause growth of dormant microbes to premature aging and browning the wine. This causes the wine to lose its flavor, which is not ideal. These new cold pack shippers will not let your wine be damaged or altered.

Getting the perfect temperature

Wine is typically stored around 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit, causing the wine to age properly and maintain the most appropriate flavors. During shipping we want to keep your wine at these appropriate temperatures so the flavoring of the wine will remain consistent. We want to keep the wine between the comfortable temperatures of 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit because it will preserve the taste of the wine. Cold pack shippers will keep your wine at a comfortable temperature and ensure your bottles will arrive at their destination with no problems whatsoever. All customers should have the satisfaction and comfort that their bottle of wine is being shipped with care.

two count open cold pack boxThe best comfort for your wine bottle

The 2-count cold pack shippers are designed to protect your wine bottle and keep the wine cool. This shipper is made out of a sturdy corrugated box and the wine bottles are also surrounded by a corrugated box like material. The cooling gel packs will be inside their own corrugated box, allowing the bottles not to move around during shipment. The cooling gel packs will do their job of keeping your wine at the ideal temperature during shipment. These materials will be the best for providing protection to the wine bottles and allowing them to stay chilled. Using the correct, high-quality materials is essential to making your wine arrive safely.

Creating a new level of perfect

We wanted to offer the best product on the market to instill that your wine is delivered to you in the best shape. We can completely customize the box with your own personal brand. Custom boxes provide a whole new experience for your customers that love your wine. We are always developing new products that will keep our customers satisfied and coming back for more!

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