Can You Store Wine in Plastic Bottles?

Have you ever thought about using containers other than wine bottles to store your wine? It is possible, but there are several factors to consider when choosing the form of container for storage. Something to always keep in mind is that it’s crucial to store wine in an airtight container to prevent exposure to oxygen in the air. Believe it … Read More

Ideal Serving Temperature for Red and White Wines

Wine goes through many temperature changes from when it’s made, bottled, packaged, shipped, and ready to drink. Not sure of the best serving temperature for your wine? You’ve come to the right place. Before reading further into how to best serve your wine, consider reading our blog explaining The Best Ways to Keep Wine Cold During Transport. The temperature of … Read More

Rules and Regulations for Wine Shipping

The rules and regulations about shipping wine vary significantly from one state to another. Numerous laws dictate how wine moves across the country. Despite its impressive popularity, shipping rules can feel restricting, extensive, and notoriously confusing. Is It Legal to Ship Wine? Technically, it is legal to ship wine within the United States. Courier companies have different protocols for sending … Read More

How Hot is Too Hot for Wine?

Whenever discussions of wine come up, people usually talk about what to drink, how to drink it, when to drink, and what to pair wine with. But, when it comes to wine heat damage, there’s not a lot of information on this. It’ll surprise you that this concern is more serious than you know. Storing wine at a hot temperature … Read More

Top 5 Wineries to Visit in Texas This Spring & Summer

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Ever since winemaking was introduced in Texas in the 1600s, the state has been at the forefront of winemaking and grape-growing. There is a high demand for locally produced wine made in Texas, and many vineyards are planted yearly in Texas because of this. If you are in Texas and on the lookout for the top wineries to visit and … Read More

Is it Safe to Store My Wine in Cardboard Boxes?

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Are you storing your wine correctly? If you tend to only enjoy a bottle of wine occasionally, proper storage techniques may not be an issue for you. However, if you are a wine enthusiast and keep many bottles on hand, you may want to give more consideration to proper wine storage. How Should I Store My Wine? Unlike serious wine … Read More

How Long Does Wine Last?

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Nothing lasts forever, especially the one thing we love the most – wine. Although it is well known that wine becomes better and stronger with time, even wine has its limits. At a certain point, your favorite wine will begin to deteriorate, along with every other item at the back of your fridge. Now that you know your wine won’t … Read More

Introducing the 2-Count Cold Pack Shippers

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We are now offering a 2-count cold pack shipper that will keep your wine cool during shipment, but at the same time protect the bottle from breaking! We are excited to present this product because it will ensure that your bottle of wine is shipped to you safely and in a temperature controlled environment. These two characteristics are very important … Read More

Properly Shipping Your Wine & Maintaining the Right Conditions

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Packaging and shipping wine can be a delicate matter when you consider all the environmental factors involved. Some things to think about when researching how to effectively transport wine are temperature, lighting, humidity, and drop risk. If these shipping details are not examined in advance, your wine could become altered, compromised, or even destroyed. The best way to protect your … Read More

Texas Hill Country

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Welcome to the North Texas Hill Country. Yes, that’s what I said!!! From I35 at Gainesville, Texas towards Nocona, on US 82 to US 287 south, towards Alvord. When headed west on US 82, watch for the signs that will lead you to some true gems. Blue Ostrich Winery & Vineyards and Arche Winery & Vineyards. Blue Ostrich will be … Read More