Ideal Serving Temperature for Red and White Wines

Wine goes through many temperature changes from when it’s made, bottled, packaged, shipped, and ready to drink. Not sure of the best serving temperature for your wine? You’ve come to the right place. Before reading further into how to best serve your wine, consider reading our blog explaining The Best Ways to Keep Wine Cold During Transport. The temperature of wine is extremely important, as it affects both the scent and the taste of the wine. Each wine is best served at different temperatures. It is evident that the factors of taste and smell will have a huge impression on your overall tasting experience, so you want to maximize them to the best of your ability!

Storing Your Wine

Both white and red wine can be stored at the same temperature, which comes as a surprise to most. The best temperature to store wine is at or around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. You want to keep the temperature pretty consistent and watch closely to ensure it’s not too warm. Hot temperatures can have a negative effect on your wine. When serving time approaches, there are different ways to go about preparing your bottle. White wine is best served chilled, so you will want that in the fridge for at least a few hours before you begin drinking. Red wine is recommended to be served closer to room temperature. The best practice is to take your bottle of red out of the fridge a few hours before drinking, to reach the ideal room temperature before serving. 

The Ideal White Wine Temperature

Most people know that white wine should be chilled for drinking, but what temperature works best for the most elevated experience? The ideal temperature for serving white wine is between 45 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. While it may seem difficult to tell the temperature right when it’s taken out of the fridge, the best practice is to leave the bottle on the table rather than placing it back in the refrigerator. The wine will begin to warm over the period you’re drinking it, which will help you find the ideal temperature for you. 

The Ideal Red Wine Temperature

Contrary to white wine, red wine should be served around room temperature. The best temperature to serve red wine is between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The warmer temperature helps elevate the flavor, which overall magnifies the tasting experience. Each red wine is best enjoyed at different temperatures within the 55-65 degree range. Remember to follow the rule, and know which wines are more full-bodied to help you decipher the best temperature.  

Quick Tips for Serving Wine 

There are wine thermometers that you may want to consider purchasing if you don’t want to have to guess the temperature of your wine, but they’re not entirely necessary to enjoy your glass. An important rule to remember is that more full-bodied wines should be served on the warmer side and lighter wines on the cooler side. A full-bodied wine is heavier, which makes the wine feel thicker on the tongue. Regardless of being red or white, make the call based on the range we’ve given you above. Another note to think about is decanting the fuller-bodied wines while waiting for them to reach their ideal serving temperature, as it will enhance the wine’s flavor. 

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