Top 5 Wineries to Visit in Texas This Spring & Summer

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Ever since winemaking was introduced in Texas in the 1600s, the state has been at the forefront of winemaking and grape-growing. There is a high demand for locally produced wine made in Texas, and many vineyards are planted yearly in Texas because of this. If you are in Texas and on the lookout for the top wineries to visit and sample wine keep on reading! These wineries produce only handpicked high-quality wine and present them in Custom Wine Packaging’s quality packaging.

Here are the top 5 wineries you can visit in Texas.

1.      Blue Ostrich

Blue Ostrich started with ostrich ranching and breeding but has expanded to reach the winery industry. This family-owned winery in Texas features a wide range of wines available for purchase, a fun wine club for all enthusiasts, and weekends fun with music and wine. From Thursdays to Fridays, buyers can check out the Blue Ostrich tasting rooms and get even better discounts when they join the club. You can even browse their recently launched online wine cellar.

2.      Landon Winery

This Texas-based winery offers more than just alluring bottles of wine. Landon Winery a complete experience with the best foods and delicious recipes. If you are in Texas to unwind or you want to take the party home, you can stop by Landon Winery and choose from dozens of wines. Landon Winery has 5 locations across Texas. Not to mention they offer virtual wine tastings and even Uber Eats wine delivery.

3.      Adega Vinho

The wine club offered by Adega Vinho already boasts of over 100 members. Members of the quarterly case club enjoy top access and wines for special events. Depending on the event, you can create special packaging – all wines from this top winery are packaged by CWP. They have a brilliant mission to create life experiences around wine in Texas and they do this with their traditional style approach to winemaking.

4.      Lost Oak Winery

The Lost Oak Winery not only offers award-winning wines but also provides buyers with tours, wine tastings, trail hiking and live entertainment. All of these can be enjoyed under wide-open spaces. They allow buyers to host events with their wide variety of wines. Customers can take advantage of their fun wine club and shop where they sell branded merchandise and gift cards. With Lost Oak Winery you can even ship wines outside of Texas. Whether you want to do a wine tasting virtually or in person, you can do so with Lost Oak Winery.

5.      Club Jeroboam by He Wines She Dines

Club Jeroboam markets itself as a personal winery, as it offers private tastings. You can give these wines as gifts, with gorgeous gift packaging from Custom Wine Packaging. With an extensive range of champagne choices available, you will not run out of choices with the Club Jeroboam cellar. The winery club is open to all enthusiasts who want to enjoy their favourite wines at discounted prices. Whether you want to join their personalized wine subscription service or want to visit in person for their wine tastings Club Jeroboam is another great choice of winery in Texas.