How To Keep Wine Safe During Shipping

Custom Wine Packaging

When shipping wine, delivering your wine bottle in perfect condition is your top priority. This can be a bit difficult as there are many factors to consider when working with a bottle of wine. For example, you need to think about the delicacy of the glass, the temperature at which it’s shipped, and the material of the cork. To ensure your wine arrives safely, here are a few things to remember when planning to ship your bottles.

Handle Bottles With Care

If you are planning to ship wine bottles, it is important to take extra caution. It is crucial that you handle them with the utmost care to ensure that they arrive untouched. To achieve this, it is highly recommended that you work with a wine transport company rather than a standard postal service. 

Wine transport companies will provide your shipments with the next level of service as they train their staff to handle each package with a gentle hand, which is especially important when working with glass bottles. Along with this, they continue to maintain their proper temperature throughout the shipping process to guarantee your wine arrives in the best condition possible. 

Use Strong Materials

Using proper materials in your packaging is vital to keeping your wine safe during transportation. Packages being shipped undergo a lot of movement, so it is important to use substantial containers to keep them secure. 

Here at Custom Wine Packaging, we use corrugated cardboard boxes and paper pulp trays that are designed specifically for the security of the bottles. These trays fit snugly within the box, which allows for minimal movement during transportation. Without high-quality designs and materials, you can ensure that your wine bottles will arrive at your client’s doorstep safely and undamaged. 

Properly Use Products

Packaging your wine bottles takes careful consideration and work. When given the proper materials to ship your product securely, it’s essential that you are using the parts correctly. For example, you should be aware of how many bottles your pulp tray can hold and make sure not to exceed its limit to avoid damaging the bottles.

Additionally, properly assembling your boxes is a critical factor in preventing extreme damage during transportation. If a specific part of the package isn’t put together correctly, it can cause the box to fall apart, causing all the items inside to fall out with it. By taking the time to learn how to build your box correctly, you can ensure your client’s wine will be delivered safely.

How Custom Wine Packaging Can Help

Shipping your wine bottles is an essential part of your business, and we understand the importance of building products that will safely transport your bottle. Our variety of shipping containers are specifically designed to secure your wine in transportation and show off your brand, all while keeping the wine fresh. Contact us to learn more about how our products can help your wine shipping needs.