Assembling 2 Bottle Cold Pack Shippers from Custom Wine Packaging

One cold pack shipper box closed next to another one open against a white background

If you want your wine brand to stand out among others, you can go for customized packaging while you ship their delicious bottles of wine to them. Rather than using unmarked boxes or bags, it makes a huge impact when you have a customized package with your brand advertised on it to impress your customers.

As summer is approaching, the best way to ship wine to your customers is with the cold pack shippers from Custom Wine Packaging – leading designers and creators in the wine industry. These 2-bottle cold pack shippers are lightweight, sturdy, and very easy to assemble. Not only this but the shippers are brilliantly fitted with cold gel packs to keep your wine at the ideal temperature for shipping.

When you order your 2-bottle cold pack shippers, you can customize them with your brand name, unique designs, and messages for your customers depending on the occasion. Simply let Custom Wine Packaging know what you want on the packaging, and expect excellence from a team of experienced designers.

Since they are easy to assemble, you can do so in only seven steps within five minutes or less.

Step-By-Step Process

  • Step 1: Tear Off the Gel Tray

Firstly, remove the gel tray from the 2-bottle cold pack shipper gently without affecting any other part of the packaging.

  • Step 2: Flip and Fold

Next, turn the packaging to the side that will be inside, and fold it into the box. Using the different parts of the packaging and the holes, you can easily insert the right parts into each other on the right and left sides of the box.

  • Step 3: Fold All Scores Down

Asides from the main box, there are also scores at the sides. You can easily fold the scores down, also using the holes and inserts in the packaging.

  • Step 4: Fold and Place Wine Holders

Since it’s a 2-bottle cold pack shipper, you can put two wine bottles into this packaging. So, fold and insert the wine holders inside the main box firmly. The wine holders divide the box into two and have placements for the capsule of the bottle to keep it in place.

  • Step 5: Fold the Cold Pack Tray

Fold the top and bottom of the cold pack tray which you will put on the wine bottles later on.

  • Step 6: Insert Wine Bottles

Take the two wine bottles and insert them into the box correctly. Once you’ve placed them, carefully fold down the top of the box but not completely.

  • Step 7: Slide in Tray

With the cover of the box halfway in, slide in the cold pack tray, after placing the cold packs in them. Once it’s fitted in, you can close the box completely, and there you have it. Your customer’s bottles of delicious wine are will be safe and at the perfect temperature.

The process for assembling the 2-bottle cold pack shippers from Custom Wine Packaging only involves folding parts of the box, and after a few times, you’ll be able to do it with your eyes closed.