Shipping Your Wine Orders Safely & Effectively

Vertical 12-bottle egg carton shipper against a white background

Shipping wine can be a delicate and tricky task. Ensuring that you have covered all your bases for your wine deliveries can certainly impact, not only the quality of your wine, but your overall customer satisfaction rate. Following are some important things to consider when preparing your wine for shipment and how to ensure your customer enjoys the fruit of your labor.

Shipping Strategies:

Without a doubt, how you ship your products is just as important as what materials you use for packaging. You need someone on your side who specializes in wine handling and logistics to ensure your customer’s orders arrive on time, at the proper temperature and looking as professional as possible. We strongly recommend using a wine transport company for transporting wine to your clients. They are trained in the technology and chemistry that is involved in delivering your products to your customers at top quality.

Safe Shipping:

When it comes to packaging your wine orders for shipment, using the proper materials is a must. You do not want your customers to have to deal with broken or damaged bottles or other problems commonly associated with shipping fluids. Wine is heavy, twelve bottles could weigh around forty pounds, putting a lot of pressure on the packaging. So, the best way to ensure that your products arrive intact is to select high-quality packaging materials that are durable enough to endure the stress of shipping and handling.

Wine Packaging:

You can ship your orders with confidence when you use our high-quality materials, such as corrugated boxes and our versatile molded paper pulp trays. Our strong pulp moldings are designed with the specific intent of protecting wine bottles in route to your customers. They offer solid shock absorption and keep your wine bottles tightly in position while in transit. These lay down wine shippers can accommodate bottles of all shapes and sizes.

How to Package Your Wine:

Packaging your wine for shipment can be done easily and professionally in our wine totes. Ship up to six bottles at a time in a professional, sturdy tote while advertising your company logo on the outside of the box. Inside dividers protect the bottles from friction that can cause damage while in transit.

Custom Gift Sets:

Wine makes a wonderful gift. Our custom gift sets come pre-packaged, branded, and ready to ship to your door. Put them on the sales floor of your tasting room or give them away to new wine club members.


Branding is an important part of how your company is recognized and remembered. Your custom logo is the first thing your customers may see when they receive your product and the very thing that they may remember when they want to place another order. Our art department is available to help you create that perfect brand design for your packaging. Customer satisfaction is our priority at Custom Wine Packaging, and we look forward to serving your shipping packaging needs. Please contact us today for more information on our products and services.