Introducing the Styrofoam Shipper

We are releasing our new Styrofoam shipper, it can hold 2, 3, and 4 bottles of wine. The design for this Styrofoam shipper not only protects your bottles during shipment but also has non-sweat cool gel packs to keep your wine bottles cool. Our main focus is always keeping your wine bottles protected, but now we can maintain the perfect … Read More

Introducing the 2-Count Cold Pack Shippers

two count cold pack closed box

We are now offering a 2-count cold pack shipper that will keep your wine cool during shipment, but at the same time protect the bottle from breaking! We are excited to present this product because it will ensure that your bottle of wine is shipped to you safely and in a temperature controlled environment. These two characteristics are very important … Read More

Shipping Your Wine Orders Safely & Effectively

Shipping wine can be a delicate and tricky task. Ensuring that you have covered all your bases for your wine deliveries can certainly impact, not only the quality of your wine, but your overall customer satisfaction rate. Following are some important things to consider when preparing your wine for shipment and how to ensure your customer enjoys the fruit of … Read More

Properly Shipping Your Wine & Maintaining the Right Conditions

wine shipping carton to maintain proper temperature

Packaging and shipping wine can be a delicate matter when you consider all the environmental factors involved. Some things to think about when researching how to effectively transport wine are temperature, lighting, humidity, and drop risk. If these shipping details are not examined in advance, your wine could become altered, compromised, or even destroyed. The best way to protect your … Read More

Introducing the 1.5L Magnum Wine Shipper

The 1.5L Magnum Wine Shipper is Eco-Friendly We recently released our Vintner’s Choice 1.5 liter Magnum Wine Shipper. Like our other Vintner’s Choice wine shippers, the Magnum was developed with input from leading consumer-direct fulfillment and supply chain services for the wine industry. The new 1.5 liter biodegradable molded fiber shipper is the latest response to feedback from such leaders. … Read More

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Wine Shippers

At Custom Wine Packaging, our goal is to provide premium quality, product innovation, customer service and value for the price. We have chosen to be a distributor for Western because they have been at the forefront of the molded fiber industry. Sustainable wine shippers protect our environment Custom Wine Packaging uses wine shippers created by Western Pulp Products Company because they offer … Read More