Our Customizable Wine Totes By Custom Wine Packaging

Custom 2 and 3 window display boxes against white background

We offer our wine carrying totes in various sizes of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 so that wineries that sell multiple bottles of wine can distribute effectively. These wine carriers are great for advertising your brand name throughout your customer base. Our customized wine totes are easy to handle and make it easier to distribute wine to your customers.

4 count cardboard wine tote carrierHow we can customize your wine carrier

Our cardboard wine totes are available in kraft and clay materials, meaning you can either receive a brown-like cardboard looking box or a white box. Depending on your preference for the color box you want, we can create any design on the boxes. We can sit down with you and create a design that we believe will transform your box into an experience. We will make the ultimate customizable wine tote for you that will meet your needs of perfection!

The luxury cardboard wine carrier

Your customized cardboard wine tote will be shipped right to your doorstep in flat parcels for easy storing. They are really simple to put together and are ready to use for your customers. These wine carriers are by far the most effective and efficient way to hand off your wine to customers. Also, all of our wine totes fold down for 4ct cardboard wine carriereasy storing and are reusable for later. We design our customizable wine totes to look great, according to your needs.

Will my wine bottles break with this wine tote?

On the inside of the wine carrier, there are dividers that protect each bottle from breaking. The dividers inside of the box are made with cardboard, which protects the wine bottles from shattering. Even though we custom design many boxes, we still take protecting your customer’s wine bottles seriously. Not only will your cardboard wine totes look fashionable with your custom design, but their wine bottles will also be protected.

3 count custom wine tote

These cardboard wine totes are extremely durable, made with a heavy-duty cardboard that can hold up to 6 bottles of wine. Our wine totes are very capable of carrying, they have a durable handle that can withstand the weight of multiple wine bottles without breaking.

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