Custom Wood Grain Style Holiday Gift Boxes

wood grain gift box for wineWe are introducing our new and elegant wood grain cardboard boxes for wine to our selection of products. The holidays are right around the corner! That means people are beginning to scramble for gift ideas. Wine has always been considered a staple gift. In fact, a quarter of all annual wine sales are made within the last six weeks of the year. You can make sure that your company stands out during the influx of sales this year with these wood grain boxes. Not only do they make your brand stand out with their natural design, but they also provide a beautiful gift option for you and your customers. They will catch the eyes of your customers and inspire them to give your wine to their loved ones this holiday season. Their design makes them look like decorations that your customers can conveniently grab and take home from your vineyard or winery after visiting.

Wood Grain Gift Boxes Brighten Your Holiday Gift

The new wood grain box design is perfect for this 2020 holiday season. Our display design has a spot for any bottle of wine in the middle, a spot for a wine glass on either side of the bottle, and two featured color options. We have white or brown wood colors that can match any bottle while still giving it that traditional holiday look. However, you can customize your order of boxes to fit whatever you need.

No Gift Wrapping Needed

dark wood grain holiday gift box for wineThe design is beautiful enough on its own that it will basically sell itself. Who doesn’t want to purchase a gift that needs no wrapping? That’s one of the great things about giving wine as a gift. It can be given as it is with no wrapping needed. These wood grain cardboard boxes are a step up from the average. Gifting a bottle of wine in a bag or with a bow is nice, but why limit your customers to that when you could provide them with an elegant gift option for their loved ones or even themselves. Under the tree, in the kitchen, by the fireplace, or even in the office, this box is fitting for any setting there is. Just add your branding and log and you are set with the perfect holiday packaging.

Here at Custom Wine Packaging, we provide several customizable cardboard packaging designs for all of your company’s needs at affordable prices. We can design a box with your company‚Äôs brand or logo for any type of packaging we offer, or we can design a custom order for you. We’ve even made an engine replica box! The same standards are given for our new wood grain box design. As you probably know, brand implementation is crucial to growing your business. We are a growing a small business ourselves, and we understand how much packaging can influence your sales. We love helping fellow small business owners grow their brands by providing sturdy and affordable customized packaging with reliable service. We even provide ‘eco-friendly’ options. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business.