5 Rosé Wines to Sip This Summer

Rosé wine glasses and bottle on a deck

Summer calls for relaxing in the sun while sipping on something crisp, fruity, and refreshing. Rosé tends to be a fan favorite due to its full body and beautiful aesthetic. Though every bottle has its own distinct flavors, and people have different preferences for taste, Custom Wine Packaging has put together a few great choices of Rosés to sip on and enjoy in the summer.

1. Chateau d’Esclans Whispering Angel Rosé

This Whispering Angel Rosé is one of the most reviewed and recommended Rosés. The lovely pale pink color mirrors its light texture and fresh flavors. The tastes of strawberry, peach, and melon make it a great choice for summer sipping. Provence is arguably the best region for Rosé wines, which will be reflected in each sip. 

2. Olema Rosé Côtes de Provence

The 2022 Olema Rosé displays delicate aromas of strawberry, peach, and rose petals. To the taster’s surprise, the flavors revealed on the palate include a more citrusy zest with hints of ripe grapefruit, lemon and melon. The dry spring in Côtes de Provence left the grape vines to work hard through the heat. The outcome was better than the family could have imagined, as the grapes were smaller and more concentrated which is reflected in the flavor. This Rosé lives up to its hype, and is one of the best critic-rated Rosés.

3. Louis Bouillot Perle d’Aurore Brut Rosé

It’s impossible to put together a list of Rosé wines without including a sparkling Rosé. The medium-bodied Louis Bouillot Rosé is an elegant bubbly with a pale rose color and fine bubbles. Its dry and creamy finish encompasses incredibly gentle floral aromas with a tone of sweet raspberry and cherry flavor. This Rosé is best served as an aperitif, or as a dessert wine. 

4. Fleurs de Prairie Rosé Côtes de Provence

Fleurs de Prairie Rosé includes delicate, acidic flavors of berries and lemon at first sip, and finishes with subtle notes of tropical fruits. “Fleurs de Prairie” translates to “wildflowers” which is represented by the gorgeous flower-engraved bottle. It is a wonderfully-crafted crisp, light-bodied Rosé that is a beautiful addition to the summer. Try pairing it with lighter dishes with fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables; it will compliment each flavor and will not leave you disappointed. 

5. McBride Sisters Black Girl Magic Rosé

As amazing as French champagnes are, we had to include a top-rated Californian Rosé. The McBride Sisters Rosé is a sophisticated and dry wine with aromas of raspberry and orange blossom. The balance of minerality and acidity makes for a magnificent finish that will only leave you wanting more. 

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