Assembling Custom Cardboard Wine Totes from Custom Wine Packaging

4ct cardboard wine carrier

The best way to promote your business and impress your customers at the same time is with custom cardboard wine totes, especially from Custom Wine Packaging. These high-quality wine totes allow you to safely place your wine bottles when selling them to your customers and promote your business.

These custom cardboard wine totes have a wide range of advantages, starting with the fact that they can be customized to fit your needs, standards, and brand designs. Whether you want to place your brand name and logo on it, or designs depending on a holiday like Mother’s Day or Christmas, you can customize these wine totes from Custom Wine Packaging however you want. With a team of experienced designers, your customers will be impressed.

The wine totes are also brilliant and made of high-quality materials to properly and sturdily hold your favorite and best wine bottles. Not only this, but these custom wine totes are easy to store and can be flattened and assembled. After assembling them a few times, you’ll get the hang of it before you know it.

5-Step Process for Your Custom Wine Totes

Let’s check out the five easy steps you can follow to assemble custom cardboard wine totes from Custom Wine Packaging.

  • Step 1: Open Box and Flip

Firstly, open the folded box up and flip it to stand straight. The boxes are folded so that they can be easily stored and save space when you purchase them.

  • Step 2: Tear Scores on Edges

At the top of the open box, some scores can be easily torn. Carefully separate them without damaging the rest of the box so that the wine will be safe after you’re done assembling it.

  • Step 3: Fold Over Bottom Flaps

With the scores open, you can fold them on both sides. Then, in the gaps, you will fold the normal flaps into them to completely cover the bottom of the box. When you fold the bottom flaps in, they will feel tight, which ensures that the wine bottles can’t fall out and collapse the box.

  • Step 4: Push in the Bottom Tabs

Turn the cardboard wine tote to stand on its bottom, and you will see tabs on both sides of the box. Push in the tabs and this will form four slots in the tote where you can place delicious bottles of wine for your customer.

  • Step 5: Fold and Lock in Handle

You can put the wine bottles inside or leave that for your customer to do depending on your service. Then, fold the top of the wine tote and lock them into the handle. You can easily carry the handle of this lightweight custom cardboard wine tote, even with delicious bottles in them.

This brilliantly structured custom wine tote will compliment your brand designs and greetings to your customers. So, if you want a unique way to package your wines and keep your customers engaged, Custom Wine Packaging has you covered with their sturdy and high-quality cardboard wine totes. Contact us today!