Color vs. Black and White Printing: A Quick Overview

What guides the eyes through an expansive number of wine brands? Indeed, some wines are a class apart. But their label, too, plays a crucial role in breaking the purchase for many people. So instead of concentrating all efforts on complex, multi-level selling strategies, producers might want to drill down on the most fundamental tactics – a sophisticated color show exhibiting the spirit in which the wine is produced and consumed. Most businesses consider ink an afterthought; however, it must be incorporated early in the design process.

Think Ink!

Well-thought-out color labels grab more eyeballs, drive better engagement, and boost your sales. It communicates the key attributes of the product and adds to its visual appeal. For instance, a black-and-white label might sustain the buyer’s interest for 2/3rd of a second. However, colored labels grab their attention for over two seconds. A black-and-white design seems elite and sophisticated and can be very successful when curated correctly. But thoughtfully using even a little color disrupts the brand amid the increasingly frenetic competition, provided the wine itself has breakthrough properties.

Color vs. Black And White – Costs

While printing everything in black and white is cost-effective, it isn’t always worthwhile. You need color to drive your message home. So, you can limit color printing and reserve it for exclusive pieces to cut your costs. In fact, your design drafts can be in black and white, whereas the final design can go all-color if that communicates your style.

Color vs. Black And White – Drying Time

No matter the ink, your labels will take time to dry and cure properly. The prints would feel dry immediately, but it is best to allow them to dry for up to at least 24 hours. This also helps you decide whether it’s a satisfactory design or not. But as a general rule of thumb, ink-laden, uncoated, matte, and colored paper takes longer to dry. If you have a shorter turnaround, choose colors other than purples and blues, and use glossy, coated paper if your designs allow.

Color vs. Black And White – Durability

At room temperature, color inks are very stable and can last almost a decade, provided high-quality paper and equipment are utilized. However, on the other hand, black and white prints can last even longer. Besides, black-and-white has been a standard, but businesses can now durably print both color and monochrome to level up the brand.

The Bottom Line

Consult an experienced designer familiar with the suitable ink options for wineries to plan the right look for your product or brand. Every aspect of it requires meticulous planning to ensure the most cost-efficient and timely design. So, talk to a specialist and avoid frustrating surprises.

Partner With Pros!

Ready to move ahead? Get multiple quotes for your design choices and find out what fits within your budget and schedule. The right design specs will positively impact your branding and sales. So take time with the process, think through the details, and partner with local pros for affordable, customized, timely, and high-impact wine packaging printing services.