Eco-Friendly Sustainable Wine Shippers

Opened 2-bottle eg carton shipper displaying 2 same sized bottles of wine

At Custom Wine Packaging, our goal is to provide premium quality, product innovation, customer service and value for the price. We have chosen to be a distributor for Western because they have been at the forefront of the molded fiber industry.

Sustainable wine shippers protect our environment

Custom Wine Packaging uses wine shippers created by Western Pulp Products Company because they offer a sustainable advantage. The company has been manufacturing in the United States since 1958 and is constantly striving to reduce our impact on the environment.

Made in the U.S.A.

Unlike many products made overseas, Western manufactures in the U.S.A. with recycled paper in compliance with rigid local, state, and federal regulations. Early on Western recognized that recovered paper was an important raw material because as it was re-used in our products, it reduced the waste in our local landfills and ensured that we got the maximum value out of wood fiber.

Social responsibility

Increasingly, consumers today are flocking to producers who use sustainable and organic practices, as well as those sources that provide safe and healthy standards for their workers. The post-consumer paper used in Western’s molded fiber products is purchased directly from charitable groups in our community. Every year, Western purchases millions of pounds of recycled paper at fair market value, which in turn, supports charitable groups and those they serve.

Environmental responsibility

Western is a strong advocate of proper recycling, recovery, and handling of waste associated with packaging. Western designs its molded fiber packaging components to minimize environmental impact in compliance with many agencies, including:

  • EUROPEAN UNION’S DIRECTIVE ON PACKAGING AND PACKAGING WASTE (94/62/EC OF 20 DECEMBER 1994, AS AMENDED BY 2004/12/EC) and THE CEN PACKAGING STANDARDS (2005/C 44/13) pertaining to heavy metals content requirements.
  • 2008 U.S. Lacey Act

Setting a higher standard

As design innovators, their products continue to satisfy the demands of a diverse range of industries, and we will continue to offer the best to our customers.

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